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Technical consulting

Through technical consulting, kleinkraft helps its customers increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable energy. Companies have huge saving potentials.
kleinkraft supports you in identifying measures to realize these potentials. Thus, kleinkraft helps transforming companies towards energy and environmental efficiency.

Analysis of energy and material flow
During energy consulting, we analyse the current energy situation of our customers and identify optimisation potentials and concrete measures. For this purpose, we offer two approaches.

Energy audit
All existing data about the customer’s company is gathered and joint site inspections are carried out. The collected information is merged into an energy balance sheet. From this balance sheet, we deduce optimisation measures for existing processes, or alternatively help define newly planned projects. Within the energy audit concrete measures are defined und their profitability is calculated within a feasibility study. A joint realization strategy including identification of public funding possibilities is defined. The value of cost reductions and public funding is normally higher than the costs of the energy audit.

Management system
The first steps are equal to the energy audit. In addition, an ongoing monitoring system is implemented. This enables a constant optimization of processes, even if they change. kleinkraft supports you in the implementation of certified energy management systems such as ISO 50.001 and 14.001 as well as EMAS.

Feasibility study
For the identified optimisation measures, a feasibility study is conducted. The aim is an optimal integration of technology and efficiency measures into existing processes, via a specific sizing. The energy and CO2 reduction potential is calculated and evaluated regarding economic, legal and social conditions.

At the end of the feasibility study, we provide an economic calculation and sizing, as well as recommendations for specific public funding opportunities and communication measures.

Supporting the implementation

The implementation of optimization measures is carried out by our customers and or partner companies. kleinkraft offers assistance in project management for these steps.

Public funding

Apart from direct cost savings, our services provide additional value for our customers. This includes obtaining public funding, communication of energy measures, as well as selling these measures according to the EU energy directive.
We also offer submitting and conducting publically funded projects, independent of prior technical consulting.

Submitting and conducting projects
Public funding facilitates finance investments into energy efficiency and renewable energy, improving economic feasibility.

kleinkraft assists you in the selection of the fitting public funding program, as well as with the complete process of submitting and conducting these projects.

Selling of measures
Under the 2015 energy efficiency law of the European Union energy suppliers are obliged to reduce the amount of sold electricity or face penalties. To offset this, energy suppliers can purchase energy efficiency measures from third parties.

kleinkraft assesses your measures and gets the best price for them.

Public recognition of the commitment that our customers make towards energy transition, and the specific measures they implement, is important to us.

kleinkraft assists its customers with the submission of awards, which are then promoted via the awarding organisation, the communication channels of our customers, and our own social media channels.


kleinkraft actively works on future solutions in the area of innovative and efficient energy technologies and services. Via research projects, kleinkraft is engaged with the state of the art and knows which technology and processes are the future of the market.
Through knowledge exchange with our project partners, we help strengthen the know-how of our customers.

Energy research
Off-the-shelf energy optimisations do not fully exploit the potential inherent in all industrial processes. To fully reach this potential, developing integrated energy concepts, which are matched on the respective production line, is necessary. kleinkraft takes part in the creation of new technologies, and thus is able to always provide its customers with the latest expert knowledge from research.

For this purpose, kleinkraft develops new technologies and processes in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as systemic solutions. Our research partners are the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Applied Life Sciences.

CO2 research
In the future, the climate goals of the European Union aim to reduce CO2 output. Until 2050, 80% of CO2 emissions shall be reduced. To reach these goals, and to guarantee international competitiveness of European companies, new technologies and processes have to be developed. For this purpose, kleinkraft is researching advanced CO2 reduction and utilization technologies. As a consulting company, kleinkraft can identify your relevant research demand in this area.